Real Estate Notes... Buy. Sell. Invest. Profit.

THE COMPANY is a full service real estate investment firm. We invest in heavily discounted real estate while at the same time helping families keep their home. We Buy, Sell, & Trade Real Estate Notes, Mortgages, Bank Paper & Bank Tapes on both residential & commercial properties throughout the United States. Our main goal is to create both short & long term win-win situations for us and the people we work with.



Days a Year



We Buy Notes

Single notes & pools, performing & non performing, 1st & 2nd

We Sell Notes

Interested in investing in heavily discounted real estate?

We Help Homeowners

We profit in real estate while helping families stay in their home

Retirement Accounts

Did you know that you can invest in real estate notes with your retirement account?

Joint Venturing

Let us do all of the work while you share the profits


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