Multifamily Real Estate... Buy. Sell. Invest. Profit.
Helping Investors Create Long-Term Wealth Since 2001

THE COMPANY is a full-service real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily real estate while creating both short & long term win-win situations for us and the people we work with. Over the past 16+ years, we have been investing both locally & nationally in emerging markets that meet our specific buying criteria.



Days a Year



We Buy Multifamily

We own & operate several apt buildings & complexes

Real Estate Notes

We buy multifamily notes - nonperforming, performing, 1st & 2nd

Multifamily Networking

Interested in multifamily real estate? Want to learn more or connect with other like-minded individuals?

Realtor / Broker Services

Licensed brokers, sales team, & creative “deal-finders” on staff

Property Management

Experienced management team offering full-service multifamily & HOA servicing

General Contracting & Builder Services

Licensed & insured, 30+ years, built & renovated 2000+ residential & commercial properties


Helping investors create long-term wealth since 2001. Let us do all the work while you share the profit

Retirement Accounts

Did you know that you can invest in real estate tax-free with your retirement account? Let us show you how


Want to invest in a real estate fund that offers both short & long term profit potential?


(coming soon)


(coming soon)